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Restaurant Hacks: 6 Insider Tips to Save Money When Dining Out

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Most people know when you’re trying to save money, cutting back on dining out is the first thing to go. But let’s face it - staying home all the time can make life pretty dull. Besides, who wants to be stuck with never-ending dishwashing duties?!

Instead of strictly adhering to a frugal lifestyle and only eating at home, why not treat yourself, while keeping your finances intact? Yes, it’s possible!

Try these 6 secret hacks to save money at your next meal.

1. Book your table with The Fork

If you book your table with The Fork, you can save some serious cash on your next restaurant outing. The Fork is a website where you can earn loyalty points called "Yums" just by booking through them. Once you rack up enough points, you can cash them in and get a $20 or $50 discount on your bill!

In addition, The Fork is also a hotspot for restaurants to dish out special offers, including getting up to 50% off your food bill! Interested? Click here to book your table using our special code: 7E9012BF, and as a bonus, you'll score 1000 extra Yums or a sweet $20 off!

2. Redeem an Eat Club offer

Don’t like to plan ahead? Eat Club shows you last minute deals to save at over 1000+ restaurants and cafes around Australia. You can score up to 50% off your bill for both dine in and takeaway. Best of all, the discount includes drinks too!

3. Register for ShopBack

Some of you may know ShopBack as a cashback website for shopping online, but not many people know about the instore offers! You could score 5% - 20% cashback off your favourite cafes or restaurants simply by paying with ShopBack! Click here to join and get a $10 bonus.

4. Get Birthday Freebies

Celebrating a birthday soon? Many eateries will send you special birthday offers. Below are a few examples. Want more? We’ve compiled a huge list here.

5. Dine early or late with First Table

If you don’t mind dining early or late, you could score 50% off your food bill by booking with First Table. Simply pay $10 to secure your booking for 2 to 4 people, and score this amazing deal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Click here for $5 free credit.

6. Find a Groupon deal

Groupon offers discounted meal vouchers all over the world. For example, right now you could get a 3 Course French meal with wine or cocktails for just $54 each (over 30% off) or a 5 Course Japanese banquet for just $49 (over 50% off). For an even bigger discount, purchase your voucher via ShopBack or Cashrewards to get cashback.


Saving money doesn't always mean sacrificing the joys of dining out. By implementing these 6 hacks you can enjoy the best of both worlds: treating yourself to delicious food, while keeping your finances in check. Happy dining and happy savings!

Do you have a secret restaurant hack? Leave us a comment below!


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